From an Organ in a Haunted House

by Dictionary of Ghosts

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This album is based around recordings from my grandmother-in-law's electric organ at her house in Morgan City, LA. My wife and her grandmother have told me many strange stories of incidents that occurred in the house. A rocking chair moves on it's own, photographs reveal orbs floating around my wife's nephew, and children in antiquated clothing are witnessed walking through floors and walls. One night my grandmother-in-law was visited by an apparition of her companion's dead wife, and clearly remembers having a long conversation.

Whether or not one believes in the supernatural, one cannot deny the fact that this home and the city in which it is located are haunted by the past. The people and places are etched with the faint remains of what once was, and what has now fallen into ruin and neglect.

There used to be a park in the middle of town called the "Swamp Gardens." Within a fenced area you could wander through an old cajun shack with Spanish moss stuffed mattresses, observe alligators and nutria rats in cages, and listen to the story of the region's tallest and oldest cyprus tree, now alone in an area where all of it's brethren have fallen to the ax. The Swamp Gardens have since closed, and that lonely cyprus has also fallen. Trains still roll through town, and oil rigs are built and set off to sea, but Morgan City has the aura of a muggy, weather ravaged ghost town. Even the organ in the haunted house has seen brighter days. Its switches and sliders creak with dust when moved, sputtering out electronic dust and moans. But its voice carries on.


released September 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Dictionary of Ghosts San Francisco, California

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